Sensi trails and the crew

About Sensi Trails

Sensi Trails has playfully blurs the lines between Cali reggae, surf, and psychedelic rock. After releasing a five-song EP, lead singer and guitarist Kyle Rising relocated from Outer Banks, North Carolina, to San Diego, California. Rising honors the styles that inspired him from a young age while incorporating fresh themes and styles.

Sensi Trails has performed across the U.S. at renowned venues and music festivals, captivating audiences and expanding their dedicated following. The energetic live performances and captivating stage presence solidified the bands reputation as an exciting and must-see act.

Sensi Trails' debut album, "Celebration," received critical acclaim, earning positive reviews from music publications and fans alike. With the eclectic blend of genres, thought-provoking lyrics, and infectious melodies, the album showcases Sensi Trails' evolution and growth. 

Sensi Trails has become an established name in the music industry due to dedication to creating captivating songs, unwavering commitment to touring, and strong connection with the audience. Sensi Trails captivates listeners and leaves them wanting more by combining bass, precise rhythm, soulful lyrics, and delightful melodies.